Firstpitch Original Pitching Machine Firstpitch Original Pitching Machine $825.00
Baseline Pitching Machine Baseline Pitching Machine $649.00
Insider Bat Baseball Softball Hitting Aid Insider Bat Baseball Softball Hitting Aid $53.00
Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Heater Baseball Pitching Machine $399.99

The Insider Bat Baseball & Softball Swing Training Tool

The Insider Bat is a revolutionary muscle memory tool.
  • Emphasizes palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball.
  • Gives instant feedback for batter and coach
  • Designed for the beginner or pro and can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors

Heater Baseball Pitching Machine and 24' Xtender Batting Cage System.

A complete batting cage with pitching machine for your backyard!
  • The solid steel housed original Heater pitches fastballs up to 52 mph
  • Quickly adjusts to throw grounders , line drives, and pop flies to help you become the best all-around player you can be.
  • Xtender 24' Home Batting Cage measures 24' X 12' X 12' and makes it easy to hit live pitches at home.

First Pitch Original Pitching Machine

Best Value In High Performance Pitching Machines
  • Includes 2 Loading Tubes so you can switch from baseball to softballs in seconds!
  • Five-year warranty and Customer Service ensure your satisfaction.
  • A fully enclosed control panel and speed dial adjusts for speeds up to 80mph.

Cimarron Deluxe PitchBack

Use to practice cathing pop flies or grounders, kicking and passing soccer balls, work on passing and catching basketball, or train in a variety of sports.
  • Made with 1.5 inch, 18 gauge corrosion resistant steel tubing.
  • 68 inches high x 48 inches wide
  • No tools required for contsruction

SoloHitter 5000

Advanced Hitting Practice
  • Pro features a large 6' x 6' industrial grade (18-gauge) galvanized steel frame and can be left outside year round.
  • Four cord, three pulley system allows for extremely quick ball reset while a second bungee brings the baseball back instantaneously.
  • The SoloHitter Pro comes with an adjustable net marker system that breaks it into distinct hitting zones to work on ball placement.

HomeRun Batting Cage

Introducing the HomeRun Home Batting Cage, the most affordable and revolutionary batting cage ever developed for improving your hitting at home.
  • Take hit after hit without the hassle of chasing down every ball and watch your batting average soar with your own home batting cage.
  • HomeRun sets-up in minutes. The unique fiberglass pole design, strong 3/4” poly netting, and steel ground stakes provide strength and support along with the flexibility to withstand the elements.
  • Measuring 12 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 10 feet high the HomeRun is the smartest batting cage for home use.

Accubat Pro

Hit it where you want to, when you want to, every time!
  • This practice tool is so advanced it lets coaches place grounders, flyballs, and line drives with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Made of graphite composites and uses treated torsion bands to propel baseballs or softballs with speed and accuracy
  • The Pro Model is great for educational classes, intramural drills, team workouts or for individual practice

Big League Baseball Fundamentals Collectors Edition 7 DVD Set.

Packed with over 6 hours of fundamental baseball instruction presented by the greatest group of MLB All-stars and Hall of Famers ever assembled on an instructional video.
  • Hitting: Taught by Bobby Grich, Rex Hudler, Mike Schmidt and Rod Carew takes the batter from the basics of holding a bat to advanced hitting techniques and strategies.
  • Pitching: Taught by Ferguson Jenkins, Barry Zito, John Savage and Rollie Fingers takes a pitcher from basic pitching like how to hold the ball to advanced pitching strategies used by big leaguers.
  • Fielding: The fielding segment starts with the fundamentals of fielding and training, and then each BLB All-Star gives concise instruction and advanced techniques for each fielding position. You get in-depth game winning strategy, along with numerous drills and tips.

Pro Mode Accubat

The Zone In Pitching Target

The Zone Isolator Pitching Target is a lightweight, portable pitching target designed to help pitchers of all ages master the strike zone.
  • Zone Isolators will allow coaches and pitchers to customize pitching drills to improve pitching accuracy and control for all types of pitches.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for field or back yard use
  • Versatile target for infielders/outfielders to work on their throwing accuracyZone-In 1, 2 and 3

Arm Strong Pro

The Arm Strong Pro strength trainer is easy to use and will safely train muscles to give more power, velocity, and accuracy
  • The Arm Strong can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Use Arm Strong to safely develop the proper throwing muscles for a stronger and more accurate throwing arm.
  • Perform SIX easy exercises for a stronger throwing arm.

Strike Out Strippz

Learn To Pitch Like The Pros With This Innovative Training Aid
  • Ambidextrous pitching training aid
  • Includes the Strike Out Strippz training system on an instructional DVD and quick training guide
  • Perform SIX easy exercises for a stronger throwing arm.


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Insider Bat Baseball Softball Hitting Aid Insider Bat Baseball Softball Hitting Aid $53.00
Baseline Pitching Machine Baseline Pitching Machine $649.00

Firstpitch Original Pitching Machine Firstpitch Original Pitching Machine $825.00
Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Heater Baseball Pitching Machine $399.99

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